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Foreclosure is no longer a tool used exclusively by lenders in the residential real estate marketplace. Dubow Mediation's Jason Dubow was asked for perspective by South Florida's law, real estate and finance newspaper on the current state of foreclosure action and how mediation can help competing interests reach agreement on a course of action that benefits all parties. 

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Sun Sentinel Q&A with Jason Dubow

Jason Dubow recently became qualified by the Florida Supreme Court to be referred arbitration cases by the justice system, increasing the services offered by Dubow Mediation. 

Additional perspective about the accomplishment and what it means to the legal and real estate communities can be found in this Q&A conducted by the Sun Sentinel:






Who Wins in a Successful Mediation?

     There’s an old saying that if a dispute settles through mediation and neither party is happy with the settlement then the process was successful.

     While that’s probably an oversimplification of the experience, the fact remains that there are several compelling reasons for both attorneys and their clients to embrace this form of alternative dispute resolution. The least being that if one or both parties are truly unhappy, there’s no legal obligation to come to an agreement. (Ideally, each side would simply agree to continue the conversation in the hope that whatever common ground was established would advance settlement talks before formal litigation commenced).  

     The ‘win’ from mediation sessions that result in a settlement is the avoidance of a costly, often lengthy, and always stressful courtroom battle. This provides potential plaintiffs and defendants peace of mind, knowing the issue has been resolved and no further legal action is necessary or required. Attorneys, meanwhile, take comfort in bringing voluntary closure to their client’s case without having to complete a litigation process that increases their own malpractice risks. 

     It may not be as sexy as the ‘winner take all’ courtroom drama portrayed on TV and in movies, but, in the real world, successfully mediated cases typically offer something for everyone.

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Jason B. Dubow is an attorney, member of The Florida Bar, and Florida Supreme Court-certified circuit civil and appellate mediator. Reach him at 954.925.8803 and  





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